Registered Agent Service

Are you in need of a Registered Agent for your business? If you are looking for more than just a street address to get your mail and letters, then our project partner IncParadise offers the complete range of incorporation services along with the registered agent services for all the states in the USA. A lot of states in the USA have made it compulsory to have a registered agent in a company. And even though your state does not have a registered agent requirement, it is always a good idea to keep one

Registered Agent

In the USA, a registered agent is an individual or business who is responsible for receiving the service or process of a company when there is a legal action such as a summon or lawsuit against it. Also known as the agent for service of process, resident agent, or statutory agent, the registered agent has to be a resident of the state in which the company is formed and should have a physical address there. 

The registered agent is also the place where the state and federal government would send all the paperwork for the compliance renewals, notices and any other official documents. Although the registered agent can be an officer or employee of the company, it is always better to keep a third party as your registered agent. It would help you keep you and the officers' details private. And failure to maintain a registered agent can affect the business in a negative way.

How important is a registered agent for your business?


For any government notices or forms, the state officials need a person of contact for your business during the business hours. And if your company does not have a physical location in the state, it becomes more of an issue since the state requires you to have a registered agent who can accept all the documents on the company’s behalf. Just to be clear, P.O. boxes are not permitted in this case. 

Other than the fact that it is compulsory in some states to have a registered agent, here are the reasons why you might need someone with the role of a registered agent:

  • You want to avoid any non-compliance risks. A registered agent helps you stay up to date with all the requirements, helping you stay compliant always.
  • You need time to pay attention to your business. Yes, you can be your company’s registered agent but then you would be spending a lot of time on it and wouldn’t be able to give all your time to grow your business.
  • It helps you get all the lawsuits and legal documents privately where you would not have the police showing up at your home.
  • If you have a home-based business, then you will need a registered agent as you do not want your home address to be on the public record. 
  • Your business doesn’t work during the normal business hours. As per the state rule, a registered agent has to be available during the normal business working hours and if you are not available then, you will need a registered agent for your business.
  • If you are incorporating your company in a state in which your business is not located, you will need a registered agent even for the incorporation process. The registered agent’s address would be used as your company’s address then. 
  • You travel a lot and do not stay permanently in one place. In this case, you will again need the registered agent to handle all the official notices. Instead of keeping a traditional office and spending a fortune on it, it is better to hire a registered agent then. 
  • Your business runs in multiple different states and you have incorporated in one state. For you to be able to do business in all these other states, you will need a registered agent in each state. 
  • You have used a P.O. box as your business address, which means that you cannot play the role of the registered agent for your business as the registered agent needs to have a physical address. 
  • You are about to change your address soon. In this case, changing addresses would mean spending more money. The best way to avoid extra costs is by getting a registered agent. 

What is the role of a registered agent?

A lot of the businesses are not individual businesses but proper business entities like LLCs and corporations. This means that they are incorporated businesses, which also means that it is important for them to have a registered agent. The registered agent responsibilities here include collecting all the important and official documents from the government agencies or any legal agency. 

Then, the registered agent has to notify you about the received documents, including any lawsuits or notices from the government. The registered agent’s address is the one that is used in all the business details such as the point of contact for the business. They also help with notifying the business about any compliance details and giving the needed forms as well. 

Should you be your own registered agent for your business?

Although you can act as your own registered agent, it is advised not to do so. It is always a better idea to hire a third-party as your registered agent. By keeping someone else to take care of receiving all the legal and tax documents, and handling things for you, you can have the peace of mind you need to focus on your business. And it is obvious, running a business means that you will not always have the time to check if you are compliant with the government rules. You can risk getting in trouble if you do not have someone, here the registered agent, to tell you when you need to file with the state again. So, it is better to have a third-party registered agent for your business. 

Why choose IncParadise as your registered agent?

IncParadise is our project partner and offers the registered agent services at great rates and for every state in the US. IncParadise has been offering registered agent services for over two decades now and has been successfully serving thousands of companies in the USA for all of these years.

Along with this, IncParadise also offers the virtual office service for those companies that are looking for more services along with the street address for mails. With this service, you do not just get an address to have your mail forwarded but also get the chance to use an office space, a conference room, and so on when needed. This service is available specifically for Nevada and Wyoming.

IncParadise takes care of everything for you including your annual compliance. They would also help in organizing all your documents, and offer the privacy you need. There is a back-office system that we have through which you will get all the documents and even view what forms need to be filed again using it. In short, all is taken care of properly for your business.