Frequently Asked Questions on Po Box Zone

Do you provide a street address or a P.O. box?
Our address is a Street address, not a P.O. box. You can also have couriers that cannot deliver to P.O. boxes deliver here.

How does the address look like?
The address has a street number and name, your name, and Suite #. It’s a regular street address.

How can I recognize sender of mail?
All income mails get note with a name of sender, for example "Letter received from Bank of America".

Can I have packages delivered to my POBOXzone address?
Yes, we also accept packages and parcels.

How long do you store my mail?
We store all mail and packages for 6 months. After 6 months, we notify you by mail and ask you to ship or shred your mail. If we do not receive further instruction on your part, we reserve the right to shred it without your confirmation.

Can I receive mail in different names on the same address?
Yes. However, each additional name has to be verified with ID and notarized using form 1583. You can receive mails for up to 6 names.

Can my minor kid receive mails to my mail forwarding address?
Yes they can. You need to list them in Form 1583 in section 12. If they are minor, they don't need any ID for verification.

Will you open my mail?
No, we will not open your mail, unless you ask us to do so for the purpose of scanning.

Can I accept mail received by couriers like FedEx or UPS?
Yes, you can have mail sent to your POBOXzone address by couriers like FedEx or UPS.

What do you do with Junk Mail/Spam?
We automatically discard Junk Mail & Spam sent to your address. You will not be charged anything for this service.

What is Form 1583?
The USPS Form 1583 is required by the United States Postal Service to be completed by all of our customers in order to give us permission to receive your mail. The form is simply to give us permission to receive your mail.

What’s the easiest way to have Form 1583 notarized?
The easiest way is to use an online notary service, for example Alternatively, you can go to a notary in your locality and have it notarized. You will then need to mail in the 1583 form and the two copies of identifications.

Do you ship to any address?
Yes, we ship to any address. We can also ship internationally, except embargoed countries.

Where can I forward my mails?
You can forward then anywhere in the world. Postage will be calculated according to USPS shipping rates.

Can I pick up my mail personally?
Yes, you can pick your mail personally. You must to bring valid ID to the pickup point, with the same name as the name on the account.

What shipping methods can I use?
We ship all mail using USPS or FedEx.

Can I set up regular mail forwarding?
Yes, you can select to have all your mail forwarded to you on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Then you can select hold which means that we will forward only mails which you want to forward.

Do you offer scanning of received mail?
Yes, we offer scanning of received mail. You can select the scan of individual mail, or we can scan each piece of mail which you receive to your POBOXzone address.

How much does the scanning service cost?
Prices for scanning are as follows:
$1 to scan a letter which is 1 to 10 pages in length.
$2 to scan of a letter which is 11 to 20 pages in length.
$3 to scan a letter which is 21 to 30 pages in length.

Can I receive mails and scan them only?
Yes. Just set Hold as forwarding frequency and select mails which you want to scan or choose automatic scanning.

How can I access my scanned documents?
You can access your scanned mail in your account interface. You can also have your account connected to a cloud solution of your preference, like Dropbox or Google Drive. All scanned mail will be then automatically uploaded to the cloud and you can access it there.

Are my scanned mails secured?
Your mails are scanned by our professional staff with great emphasis about your privacy so you can be sure that your account numbers ect. will be safe.

Do you offer shredding of documents?
Yes, we offer shredding of documents. You can select which documents to shred in your account.

How much does shredding cost?
Shredding is free, we do not charge any additional fees for shredding.

How long does it take to forward or scan incoming mail?
We scan or forward your mail the same day we receive your request. If you have the automatic scanning option enabled, we will scan it the same day we receive it.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payments through Paypal, Credit Card, and Wire Transfer.

What is a registered agent?
A registered agent is a third-party person or company that is located in the state in which you started your business. The registered agent is designated to receive the official mail and service or process on behalf of the business for which they have been registered as the registered agent. They get all the notices and official notifications such as notice of lawsuits and tax forms from the government on behalf of the company.

Who can be a registered agent?
State laws normally need registered agents to meet with the following requirements:

- The registered agents have to be a business approved to provide registered agent service in the state or be a resident of that state.
- It is important for the registered agent to have a physical address in the state where they will be able to receive and accept the service of process. This place is normally called the registered office.
- The registered agents have to always be ready to accept the legal documents and official mail during the normal business hours.
- They have to sign on a document to show their consent in being the registered agent and taking the responsibility for the business.

Why hire a professional registered agent service rather than being your own?
The main aim of a registered agent is to be available for accepting your company’s documents so that you can be free from this and focus on more important things about your business. They also offer their address as your office address, which in turn can help keep your actual address private. The right registered agent should scan all your documents and send them to you. They should also share reminders for any compliance reports and offer you with the firms and services to help maintain your business.

Here are some of the main advantages of hiring a registered agent:

- You want peace of mind.
- You want to be reminded of the compliance requirements.
- You want the electronic scans of your documents for backup or safekeeping.
- You want instant access to your documents from anywhere.
vYou are not available in your office Monday-Friday, 9-5.
- You do not have a physical address.
- You do not want the world to know your home address.
- You plan to change your address as you expand.
- You have locations in several states.

IncParadise offers registered agent (resident agent) in all 50 States.

How do I choose a registered agent?
Your registered agent is an important part of your business and you need to keep the following things in mind when choosing them:

- The registered agent should have a legitimate working office and physical address where they are available during the regular business hours.
- They should be able to offer you their address to use as your business address so that your information can be sealed from the public.
- Registered agents should be able to help you stay compliant with all the state and federal requirements by sending your reminders and helping with the needed forms.
- The registered agent should be able to help you with document organization where you do not need to worry about your Articles of Incorporation ad so on. They will be the ones taking care of it.

Ensure that you consider the value the registered agent is offering and do not just choose the service based on the price.

We offer a unique deal for all our clients as you are extremely special to us! As a part of the plan, if you decide to go with IncParadise Long-Term by prepaying then the special pricing for you will be $40/year!

What is Incparadise mobile app?
You will have full access to your mail forwarding account in this app. Request for scans, get notification of new mail, etc…

Is this mobile app free?
Yes. Download the free Android or iOS version of the mobile app from Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

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